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We provide our corporate clients, with a personal group experience.  A private session for learning how to dance and/or choreography together as a group!!  Perfect for boosting company morale, team bonding, or just a social outing w/ your colleagues outside the office.  We've worked with many companies such as:

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Our Hip-Hop class was just the added punch we needed for our Zoom holiday party. Everyone had a blast! Brandon was responsive, right on time and lots of fun!!! I didn't know how teaching 50 people on a screen would work, but he made it happen. Thanks for a great time.



Great corporate team building event! I work at a tech company in the city and had the chance to attend one of HHDJ's weekly group classes, and bragged about it in the office enough to get another 9 people interested. They have great private group lessons you can book, so we set up a 5 week private session where we started with some basic steps, progressing to some of the funny stuff you see on YouTube. We chose to dedicate half the class to building on a routine week by week, and had a pretty sweet routine to a new Nicki Manaj (sp?) song by the end of the class. Great creative time out with the team that wasn't just hitting happy hour, would definitely recommend!



We planned a private corporate event for our team to do something fun together and learn some hip hop dance in the process. Brandon was easy to deal with, quick and got things organized in short notice. The class was a blast! Brandon read the room perfectly, adjusted to various skill levels and did a great job of teaching, but making it fun at the same time. Many of us are planning on coming back for the regular classes. Very impressed!



Doing this with our company as a bonding activity. Brandon is fantastic and the dances are so much fun. Highly recommend to any kind of group.



Brandon worked my office holiday party... gave us awesome dance instruction and elevated our fun 100x!!!  I personally got to spend some time learning some sweet moves (which I demonstrated after he left).  He's super cool and fun, phenomenal dancer, highly recommend him!  Thanks Brandon!!!!



I have to say, doing a virtual hip hop dance class with my entire work team was something that had me worried. However, after speaking with Brandon and planning the event, all of my fears evaporated! Brandon hosted a Zoom event with 33 people from my team and it was awesome and the feedback from my team included things like, 'this was the best team event we have ever had;' 'having my kids join this event with me made it special;' 'Brandon made the event fantastic.' I would highly recommend Brandon and HIP HOP DANCE JUNKIES to anyone! Brandon has mad skills and is a truly amazing instructor who has a special knack for keeping everyone involved and motivated.

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